BEES.Social is the world’s first Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) solely focused on empowering people with the education needed to take advantage of the Crypto Revolution. Join the Crypto BEES Colony by staking in the Hive of your choice. You will gain all-inclusive access to a vibrant colony of Crypto BEES that you will participate with to Learn and Earn within the Cryptocurrency Revolution. Watching BeesSocialTV will allow you to get a first-hand education about DeFi Crypto projects through BEES’ unique engagement game called Swarm. Swarm is a total game-changer that permits everyday people an easy way to learn about the Crypto Industry, Decentralized Finance, Yield Farming, and profit from this Cryptocurrency Revolution. Embrace the POWER Watch for Whale Tank episodes to interact with the organization’s principals to ask questions and see their plans for the DeFi projects! Join us at https://BEES.Social

Ray Pepito Co-Founder of one of the Largest Decentralized Financial Communities in the World. A guide to those who understand the great opportunity that is right in front of us. Providing insider access to projects before they are news. Our attention is worth trillions! Crypto gets it and will be worth Quadrillions, But the beautiful thing is that this is all decentralized!!!

Tim (T) is a crypto fanatic diving headfirst into Crypto when Bees.Social launched and founded originally exploring the space for his college sons the addiction set in fast.  Now NFTs are rapidly changing the game and it has become an all-consuming PASSION. connect

BEES.Social is the #1 Crypto Education System in the World For Everyday People! SWAG:

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Who is BEES.Social
“We are a community of retail investors that are educating themselves, supporting others, and profiting from cryptocurrency investing. We’re normal people seeking to take control of our personal finances… we are growing significantly, by inviting friends and family to join us and learn about the cryptocurrency ecosystem.”

Why BEES.Social
“We are not an investment group, nor are we day-traders… as a community, we recognize that effective communication, respect, transparency, and sharing of information builds a strong community… to that end, we are a group that has invited friends and family to participate, so we can grow together…”